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Add options to products using option sets

After you’ve created an option set you need to assign it to product(s) so that options start showing up on the front-end.


  1. From the Option sets page choose an option set you want to assign.
  2. Withing that option set, click on the Products tab.
  3. Now you need to choose between the two ways of selecting products:
    • Manually - you select the needed products one by one manually or select all the products from the list to assign this option set in bulk.
    • Automatically - in that case you can add a condition by which to select prdocuts. In this case, both existing products and products added in the future will be assigned with this option set automatically if the condition is met. Currently, the condition could be based on four attributes:
      • Product Type
      • Vendor
      • Product tag
      • Collection