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Create an option set


  1. From the app’s menu on the left select Option sets and on the page that opens click the Create option set button.
  2. In the Option set name field provide a name for your set. This is for your records only, it will not show up on the front-end of your store.
  3. Underneath, in the tab called Options you will create the options and values for your option set. To start, click the Add new option button.
  4. From the dropdown that appears you’ll need to select the type of the option you want to create. For the argument’s sake, let’s assume you choose the Swatch option type.
  5. You’ll need to provide a title for your option in the Option title field. This will show on your product page above the values of your option. So if you’re adding color swatch, you can name it simply “Color”.
  6. Optional: Select the Option is required checkbox only if you can’t allow shoppers to purchase your product without selecting from this option. For example, they can’t buy a t-shirt without selecting a size, in which case you would select Option is required.
  7. Optional: Below the Option title, there’s a More settings section, where you can add:
    • Option nickname - for your records only, shoppers will not see it
    • Select Show quantity input box only if you want to allow your shoppers to buy several items of this particular option. For example, if you option is
    • Description - this will be visible to shoppers and will appear when they hover over a question mark icon to the left of your Option title.
    • Order - specifies the order in which this option shows on the product page relative to other options.
    • CSS classes - advanced setting for developers, allowing to specify which CSS classes to assign to this option section.
  8. Now you need to add values to your option by clicking the Add new value button.
  9. Fill in the Title field - it will show on the front-end for some option types (by default it is hidden for Swatches). If you select the checkbox called Default, this value will be pre-selected when the product page is loaded.
  10. Since we’re creating a Swatch, now you should provide and image or choose a color for your swatch. To do that click on Images & Colors beneath the Title field.
  11. Now you would add the remaining values to this option, and then move on add additional options to this option set, if needed.
  12. We recommend periodically clicking Save at the top right of the screen to preserve you progress.
  13. Optional: now you can move on to adding rules to your option set
  14. And, finally, you need to assign this option set to your products.