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Terminology explained

Here are the definitions of certain terms that you will find in the app:

  • Options and option values. Lets’ say you sell t-shirts of different colors. “Color” - would be your option. “White”, “Black”, “Blue”, etc. - would be your option values.
  • Option sets. An option set is just a collection of different options that you want to reuse for multiple products. Let’s say you sell different kinds of t-shirt, all of which have the same possible option choices: color and size. In that case you would create an option set, add to it color and size options, and then assign that option set to all your t-shirts. Learn more about creating option sets.
  • Rules. By adding rules you can specify how your options are interconnected. If, say, you want to allow your shoppers to pick a color only after they’ve selected a size - you can specify that logic with rules. Learn more about adding rules.
  • Option types. When creating an option, you have to decide how your option is going to look and work. Whether it’s going to be a dropdown box for selecting a size, or a color swatch, or something else entirely, you define that by selecting an appropriate option type. Learn more about option types.