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Managing custom pricing of option values

The app allows for adding price attributes to option values. The price of an option value will be added to/subtracted from the original product price upon selection.


  1. Create an option with some values
  2. From the option values expanded view, navigate to the Advanced pricing section
  3. Tick the Enable advanced pricing checkbox
  4. Select a Price type. It could either Fixed or Percent-based:
    • Fixed stands for the exact amount of money in the default store currency.
    • Percent is calculated based on the original product price.
  5. Add a price value to the Price field. The app allows both positive and negative price attributes.
  6. Optional: Add a price value to the Compare price field
  7. Optional: Decide whether a price should be Onetime or not. If the Onetime checkbox is selected, the custom price will be added only once despite the quantity of the products added to the cart.