Help Center

Configuring app’s settings

Themes section:

In that section, you can activate the app on any theme installed at your store. You just need to select the target theme and save the changes on the theme editor page you’ll be redirected to.
Please note that this is a required step to make the app function.

Formats and styling section:

In that section you can adjust how certain elements of the app look on your store. This includes date formats, currency representation, descriptions of the options, etc. You can also provide custom CSS classes that will get incorporated into your store. You will then be able to assign those classes to your options to change how options look on your product page.

Text localization section:

Here you can change the text on the buttons, labels, and other elements that the app adds to your store. This might be useful if your store is not in English, or if it’s in English but you just want to phrase something differently.

CSS selectors section:

During installation, the app attempts to insert all necessary code snippets into your theme automatically. Sometimes, if you have a very customized theme, this doesn’t happen and you might need to tell the app where to put those snippets, and also point to some elements of your page, such as product price, Add to cart button, etc.

Configuring settings in this section can get pretty technical. If you need help with this, feel free to contact our support.